10 Android phone useful Tips & tricks | android hidden features you should know

Hello, Guys, I hope you are all fine, so let’s go to my post today in this post I am going to tell you Android phone’s most important tips and tricks or android hidden features, these tips more tricks are the hidden features of Android phones that you should know. You will not find such Android tips and tricks anywhere. I will share with you 20 Android phone tips and tricks, and android hidden features.

1. keyboard one hand tricks (android hidden features)

android hidden features keyboard trick

This is android’s hidden feature You can make your keyboard one-handed by clicking on the three-dot option above the Google keyboard of your phone so that you can operate the mobile with one hand and you can also type simultaneously. And by clicking on the option below it, you can increase or decrease the size of the keyboard. After this, you can type on the keyboard with your right or left hand.

2. clear search history & watched videos on youtube (android hidden features)

android hidden features search history

Many such people in the world who do not want to share their things or any similar with others, this is android hidden features
When it comes to their mobile, they do not want to give it to anyone else and such people always keep their search history erased.
But you do not know how to delete your YouTube history, then let’s tell

  1. go to your youtube settings
  2. Click on History and Privacy option
  3. Here you can delete the history of the old videos you have watched and the old searched history and Also,
  4. the watcher can block the video and search history so that no further data Will be shown.

3. Use google map with one hand (android hidden features)

android hidden features google map

It is very difficult to zoom in and out of a location in Google Maps with a phone in one hand while you are driving your car.
Do you know that you can zoom in and zoom out of your map with one thumb, if you do not know, then let us tell
You have to double click on the location that you want to zoom, but at the time of the second click, you have to hold the link, when you slide down, it will zoom in and when you slide up, it will zoom out.

4. Know on which device your Facebook account is logged in

android hidden features facebook

When you do not have your mobile, then you start running by logging your Facebook ID in the phone of any of your friends or close ones. What should you do if you forget to log out after running Facebook?
You can log out your ID on your own without taking your phone. You have to go to the settings of your Facebook. there you have to go to security and login, there you will see which device your ID is logged in to and where it is being used. And yes from this you can log out your ID from all the devices simultaneously. After that, you can change your password.

5. Open file manager without permission

android hidden features file manager

Whenever you ask for a phone call from your friends or family member, then you cannot open their file manager because they are protected by a password.

Now you can see their photos and videos through this trick, no matter how password protected it is.

  1. you have to go to your Google search engine
  2. there is to type file:///sdcard
  3. As soon as you open this, all the files of their mobile will appear in front of you in the form of folders. And your work will be done without password

6. Show and hide caller id

android hidden features

If you also want to show or hide the caller id of your mobile, you have to do this trick of this Android You have to go to your caller, dial *#31# there, no one will be able to call anyone from your phone. To disable this trick, again you have to go to your caller and dial *31# by this or you will be able to call anyone again.

7. Close all sensor android in one tap

android hidden features

Sometimes what happens, friends, we are doing some important work or doing some secret work, there all the sensors of your phone are on. We can no longer turn off all the sensors that’s why To turn off all the sensors at once, we have to go to the developer option of our phone. There you have to go to the quick setting and developer type, while the button of sensors off will appear at the bottom, it has to be turned off, this will turn off all the sensors in your phone simultaneously.

8. use your keyboard for clipboard like a pro

android hidden features clipboard

Many times we have to send some important text to someone, then we have to type it again and again or there is such a long text which cannot be remembered and there is a problem in typing it again and again.

Keeping this problem in mind, there is a feature of Google Keyboard which is quite cool.

If you use Google Keyboard, then you can use your keyboard to save some important text in one place and while using it, you do not have to taper again and again and save that text by pinning it to the keyboard.

Actually, Google Keyboard has a feature that saves your important text using cloud stories.

To use this feature, see here –

  • open google keyboard
  • And any text you want to save in Google keyboard
  • copy that text
  • The copied text appears in the clipboard of the Google keyboard
  • Now hold on that text
  • After holding, a pop-up will appear on your screen
  • The option to pin text will appear on the pop-up
  • By clicking on the option of that pin, you can save any text in Google Keyboard’s cloud server forever.
  • If you want erase saved text simple unpined text, text is erased

9. Using any app or game without downloading

android hidden features

Many times it happens that we have to download a game or app, we have to download it to know about it or watch its feature live, in the midst of all this your internet data also gets low.

I will tell you such a trick, with the help of which you can know about any game or one by using it without downloading it, then download it if you like it.

To turn on this feature, you have to go to the Play Store of your Android phone, you will get this feature.

  • First go to play store
  • Go to settings there
  • At the top of the setting, you will find the option of General
  • Google Play Instant will appear by clicking on the General option
  • Have to turn on google play instant
  • After that restart your android phone
  • Now as soon as you see any game or app in the Play Store, the option to try now it will appear right next to the install.

10. use screen pinning

android hidden features screen pinning

Pinning an app to the home page screen of a smartphone is a nice feature of a smartphone. This feature is needed because in fact there is a small child in our house, they have to take the phone, they will play games or watch a picture, in such a situation, you keep this tension, my child should not see my private data. One can get rid of this hassle by using screen pinning.

  • Go to your smartphone setting
  • Open security option scroll down you get Screen Pinning
  • Simple turn it on and get back on homescreen
  • Now open whatever app you want to pin, tap on the recent button, there you will see the option of screen pinning.
  • Give it to whomever you want to give the phone by clicking on this option
  • Now backing up will not be able to open your other files and no one else will be able to see the private data
  • To remove screen pinning, hold the back button and the recent button together for a while, the app will be unpinned from the screen.


In this post, we read about some important tips, tricks, and hidden features of Android phones. These hidden features of the smartphone provide the best way of using the smartphone and make life easier. If you like the post then give your comment in the comment box. So that we know how you felt. If you want to read such good information, then subscribe to our website.

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