Check Mobile Number with Simple Tick in 2 minutes (Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Jio, Bsnl)

Nowadays, all the people are using smartphones, in which they are using two sims simultaneously, some have also kept a keypad mobile to talk to, in such a situation, people are getting three to four sims. Now how to remember the mobile number of three to four sim becomes very difficult to remember.
So that’s why here we have prepared the used code of all the telecom companies of India in one place.
With the help of these used codes, you can check your personal sim 10 digit mobile number. When the balance of the mobile is exhausted, they get upset, how to know their number.

1. Airtel Sim own Mobile number check USSD code

In airtel offer, two various types to check your mobile number 1 thing is airtel thanks app and 2nd is by USSD code

  1. *121*1#
  2. *121*9#
  3. *140*175#
  4. *140*1600#
  5. *400*2*1*10#
  6. *1#
  7. *282#
  8. *141*123#

2. Vodafone and idea (VI) Sim own mobile number check USSD code

note: after the Merger Vodafone and Idea make ‘VI’ that case use same USSD code for check mobile number Vodafone also in the idea

You can dial *199# to know 10 digits mobile number of your Vodafone and idea is VI

3. BSNL sim own mobile number check USSD code

You can dial for know own BSNL sim 10 digit mobile number

  1. *222#
  2. *888#
  3. *1#
  4. *785#
  5. *555#

4. Jio sim own mobile number check USSD code

You can dial on toll-free number – 1299 for know own 10 digits mobile number

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