Chrome Remote Access: How To Remote Access Phone with Computer

Chrome Remote desktop Access: Hello friends, today I am going to tell you a trick how you can control (remotely access) anyone’s laptop or desktop from your smartphone. This trick is called remote access your phone from your computer.

Like in my case my girlfriend is running a computer and suddenly there is a problem in her computer.
So, he called me and told me that this problem has happened, my computer is not running.

So I was telling you what to do, do the exact same way, the laptop will be fine, but she says I do not understand how to do it.
Then, I asked him to download the Chrome Remote Desktop extension to his computer and he downloaded it.

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chrome remote access
  1. Open desktop chrome and go to left side corner Apps option
  2. Click Web Store search Chrome Remote Desktop
  3. Add extension in your chrome browser
  4. If you not to show Chrome Remote Desktop click extension bar and pin it.
  5. Click Chrome Remote Desktop access
  6. Fill your password.
  7. Now go to android play store download same app chrome remote desktop access
Note: Same email-id in your log in your computer and mobile for remotely connecting access your computer by mobile.

Here I show you I can access my computer by my smartphone


control computer by smartphone

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